Just heard that the Bears released their starting Strong Safety Chris Harris.

With Berry out, I know we have been playing well, but what are the thoughts of picking him up for depth (could even start over McGraw later on in the year, and add SS depth for after this year, when Berry returns)...

I don't really know the guys personality, but I looked at his stats and they are solid.

He has 82 starts in 88 games. In 6 Seasons averaged 80 Tackles a season (High 96, Low 54) Has 15 ints, and 12 Forced Fumbles as well.

From what I understand, Chicago wanted to get younger at the Position (Drafted Major Wright last year in round 3, and Chris Conte, in the 3rd round this year, so he was expendable) He started the season as a starter, injured his hamstring, came back and got benched for a game supposedly because he wasn't fully healed, he then started for them last week, and was requesting a trade before the deadline, but they ended up just releasing him because they couldn't get a deal done.

what are your thoughts??