If this team continues to grow and improve, despite the win/loss record, I am extremely hopeful for the coming seasons.

I can't stop thinking of how much we will gain during the 2012 offseason.

Along with another new draft class, a year under the belt of our current rookie crop, and another free agent period, we are going to gain a top 5 pick (Erric Berry), a player who is well worth a no.1 overall pick (Charles), and a TE who well exceeded his third round draft position.

With the emergence of Jackie Battle, partnering him with Charles could become one of the deadliest "thunder and lightning" combos that any team has seen in a long time.

Add the receiving threat of Moeaki to Bowe, Breaston, and a rising Johnathan Baldwin, and the passing weapons will be quite formidable.

And getting Berry back, with the way this defense has been performing, I can see this team challenging the elite teams of the league, on a regular basis.

Add a new draft class, and the sky's the limit.

But let's not forget that this team is in a great position to challenge for the post-season before we even get those players back.

At this point, it would take a complete meltdown, for the rest of the season, to dampen the outlook for the future.

Feeling pretty good about this team right now.