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No doubt- we CANNOT look past these. Both the dolphins and Broncos are going to be win hungry.
The last few posts have been dead on. We SHOULD stomp Miami and Denver right down into China, but we've all seen a lot of upsets in "easy games".

JMO, but I think Haley is well aware of this and will have us well prepared to whip them both.

I don't expect either game to be the I'd like, but I fully expect we'll win both games. We're better enough than either of them that we can still beat them if they catch us by surprise early on.

Meanwhile, Sunday is those GD fish!!! I HATE those damned fish!!!!!! Things will NEVER be right until we beat the fish for an AFC Championship! I HATE those damned fish!!!! The only thing I hate more than fish is Oakland!!!!! Garo Yepremian deserves a special place in hell!!!!!

Time to take a blood pressure pill.