Trying to find something positive for our team for the rest of the season...

This week.

Romeo Crennel - Spent four seasons in NE and while the offense there has changed he will have a good understanding of what rattles Brady. The question is do we have the players to do what it takes? Is Tyler the spark we need? I don't honestly know, but thats better than knowing that Cassel had very little chance of defeating them given they know Matt and his weaknesses more than any other team.

Sunday night.

We are that trash team that seems to find a way to defeat the steelers more often than not. They have a 10-17 record when facing us all time.


We are 6-4 against them all time but they are 3-2 at home.


Tebow just beat them. Sure he beat us but the Jets are supposed to be a good team.


Division game at home.

Donks away

I still don't buy into their offense, by week 17 I think it will become a gimmick the same as the Dolphins running the wildcat.