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I also agree with most of what Tex wrote. I also agree that we probably wouldnt be able to get a 1st rounder for Dorsey, although I think we could get a 2nd rounder. One problem with his picks are that if we send Dorsey away, I dont know who would replace him. We would have to draft a 3-4DE or get one in Free Agnecy.
Dorsey was #5 overall. He's extremely talented in a system that isn't a 3-4. Scouts should know this. Hell, even in a 3-4, he was extremely disruptive last season, almost to the point that he could've been our best player on defense outside of Hali. Dorsey could bring back a first round pick. He's young, talented and cheap.

For Jap's concern, I'd say go get some talent in free agency. Mario Williams will be a free agent... doubt Houston lets him go though. lol

But you've got John Abraham, Matt Roth, Kroy Biermann, Robert Mathis, Calais Campbell, Jason Jones, and Antonio Garay... all at the DE position. But, if there's a great DE talent to be had in the draft, I'd be all for it. Personally, I just want to see the Chiefs do everything they can to get as many first rounders as possible. I think getting more than 2 this year is possible and should be explored. With all the players who will be returning next season, the Chiefs don't have too many holes to fill and they could shore up most of them in FA and in the draft for the foreseeable future in just one more offseason.