Not much to say about tonight's game.. Officials ruin a drive with a TERRIBLE holding penalty and what happens? HUGE momentum swing and Patriots come back and score on a 52 yard pass play. They have now scored 24 unanswered thanks to Goodell and his incompetency. Who puts officials with little league experience in a Monday Night Football game?

Also, where was the hit on a defenseless receiver penalty? I've seen that called all year, but all of a sudden it isn't called because they're the Patriots? You see Hali's shirt and DJ's jersey? Can they hold any more? They need to learn that there's another team on the field.

Patriots have what, 0 penalties so far? Hah, right.

This has been something I've seen all year and not with just the Chiefs playing. I saw plenty of BS in the Bengals/Ravens game that I thought was just ridiculous as well. They need to get some people out there that actually know what to look for and not just call penalties because they need to make sure the underdog doesn't win.