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Thread: A very sad tragedy occurred for my dear Chiefs friend, Kelly.

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    Default A very sad tragedy occurred for my dear Chiefs friend, Kelly.

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    I hope everyone at Chiefs Crowd is well. I'm sorry I've not been on the PC much the last several weeks, but I've been busy renovating my home. As well, a very sad tragedy occurred which initiated my making a drive to Wisconsin last week.

    Some of you have met and tailgated with my friend & Chiefs buddy, Kelly. He and I also share a season ticket package, although Kelly lives in Wisconsin and can't attend many games, he enjoys the perks of being a season ticket holder, regardless. Kelly and his son, Brett, also attended our Chiefs Crowd MNF tailgate in 2010. Possibly some of you who were there, might remember Kelly and Brett, as well as Bretts best friend, Ben, was there.

    On Saturday, November 12th, I recieved a heartbreaking phone call from Kelly. His son, Brett, had unexpectedly lost his life...he would've been 24 in February. Kelly and Brett were very close as dad and son, Brett also lived with Kelly sharing his home. Needless to say, Kelly's heartbreaking pain is very intense. I can't begin to imagine the depth of pain he feels losing his beloved son. :*(

    During another call from Kelly, I asked if he needed and wanted me to be there for his son's funeral, since such a loss is very personal for family. I felt I should be there as a friend to emotionally support Kelly, but I didn't want to intrude upon family and just show up. Kelly said he would very much like for me to be there, so on Thursday last week I drove to Wisconsin, just the other side of Minneapolis/St. Paul. The visitation for his son was Thursday night, the funeral Friday morning, both held at a church.

    The services were heartbreaking, but also beautiful in their own right, respectably. As I entered the church Thursday night, the reception area held many individual displays celebrating Brett's life. Among the displays was one Kelly had arranged showing Brett's love of the Kansas City Chiefs. Included in that display was a photo of Kelly, Brett, Kelly's brother Chad, Brett's friend Brian, myself, and my friend Cindy. The photo was taken when we were all in Canton, Ohio to attend Derrick Thomas' HOF enshrinement. It was there I first met Brett.

    I will miss Brett attending a Chiefs game or event once in a while with his dad, my friend, Kelly. I believe however, that Brett will always be present in heart and in spirit, never truly gone.

    As I reflect this week of Thanksgiving...I am most thankful that I will be having dinner in my home with my two kids and grandkids. Although I will cherish the day and time with my family, it will be a sad Thanksgiving in heart also. Kelly and his son Brett always had Thanksgiving dinner together at Kelly's home, just the two of them.

    I ask in honor of Brett, who I also consider a friend through knowing his dad as a dear friend...that each of you please hold those you love tightly this Thanksgiving. Cherish the time you have together, always. Life is so very fragile. :*(

    I wish each of you a Thanksgiving filled with many blessings and cherished moments. God Bless us all.

    "Official Chiefs Crowd / Historian/Correspondent / Ambassador"

    "The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall. The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back. That's real glory. That's the essence of it." ~Vince Lombardi~

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    That's terrible...much too young. My thoughts and prayers go out to Kelly and his family.
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    CJ, Please pass on to Kelley and family, that we are praying for them. We also will pray for you.

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    Heartbreaking. God bless and Happy thanksgiving. Praying for Kelly and his family.

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    Sorry to hear of the loss of a dear friend/son and prayers to the family as well as you CJ. I'm glad to read you made the trip, as heartbreaking as it must have been, the family needs the people who care about them close in those times.

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    So sorry to hear it. May he rest in peace.

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