I am new here but thought I would take an opportunity to post on some possible 2012 draft prospects with an individual prospect profile topic for each player. I used to do this in another forum, and I think it is a good chance for us to talk about some prospects that might be a good fit for the Chiefs. If you know any interesting information on a player, or have opinions based on what you have read or seen of them, please feel free to post in here. Again, this is just a chance for us to get some names out there to keep an eye on as the season progresses and we head into the offseason preparing for the draft.

The first player I want to mention is Kentucky senior strong safety Winston Guy. The interesting thing about Guy is that he has been utilized in a hygrid safety/linebacker role and plays close to the line of scrimmage. This reminds me of the role that Crennel often uses Jon McGraw in our defensive scheme. Guy plays very well in space and seems to have good read-and-react skills that allow him to make a play on the ball whether as a run defender or in coverage. Personally, I think Jon McGraw is long past his prime, and considering his “prime” was never that impressive, if we have an opportunity to replace him in our defense, I think we have to seriously consider it at this point. I have gotten pretty discouraged watching him (along with Sabby Piscatelli) taking bad angles in coverage and run support. And while McGraw supposedly is a better run defender than coverage safety, I have seen him take far too many bad angles to the ball carrier. Personally, I would like to see our defense evolve into one that is closer to the Pittsburgh/Green Bay variation of the 3-4, and I specifically think that Eric Berry could fill the role that Charles Woodson currently does in Green Bay..as a short area hybrid safety/cornerback, I talked about this idea in another topic and won’t go into details here.

But getting back to Guy, I think he has good instincts and reaction to quickly diagnose the play and get in position to make a play on the ball carrier. He also is used in more traditional zone drops and while he doesn’t have cornerback-like coverage skills, I don’t think he is a liability by any means in coverage and I think he has some range and is not strictly an in-the-box only prospect. He also has some versatility on special teams as he has some kicks this year (not full time) and with his skill set I think he could make an impact on kick and punt coverage. While statistics certainly don’t tell the whole story of a player’s impact, Guy has put up impressive tackle statistics the past two years and really seems to have responded well in making the transition from deeper in the secondary in a more traditional strong safety role to much closer to the line of scrimmage. This tells me that the coaching staff has confidence in his ability to attack the ball in close quarters before the ball carrier gets to the second level…as opposed to being much farther away from the line of scrimmage and being able to read the play develop with a “cushion” of space. When you are closer to the line of scrimmage, you need to make quick decisions on what the play is, where it is going, and how to get there to make an impact. He is listed as 6’-1”, 216 lbs., and IMO he isn’t the listed 216 lbs. I would like to see him bulk up more if he is going to handle the strong safety role and especially if he is going to handle a more hybrid role in the NFL – I think an NFL weight training program could help him bulk up without affecting his athleticism – he seems to have the frame to add more weight without slowing him down. I also think he could improve his tackling technique as sometimes he breaks down and tends to drag-tackle…which in the NFL is going to lead to some missed tackles. Again, that’s something that I believe can and will be corrected in the NFL with proper positional coaching.

Official Kentucky Wildcats Winston Guy Bio :

2011 Season (through 11 games played)
Solo tackles : 52
Assisted tackles : 54
Total tackles : 106
Tackles for loss : 12
Tackles for loss yardage : 32
Sacks : 1
Interceptions : 2
Passes broken up : 2
Quarterback hurries : 2
Forced fumbles : 1
Kick returns : 4
Kick return yardage : 99
Kick return average : 24.75

2010 Season (13 games played)
Solo tackles : 56
Assisted tackles : 49
Total tackles : 105
Tackles for loss : 4
Tackles for loss yardage : 5
Interceptions : 3
Passes broken up : 2

Statistics courtesty of cfbstats.com

Is a tall, well-built athlete with a V-shape trunk. Isn't the most flexible of athletes in coverage and moved back to safety after a brief stint at corner earlier in his career. Struggles to really sit into his stance, gets leggy out of his breaks and routinely is forced to chop his feet and waste steps in order to collect himself. However, possesses good closing speed once he gets his feet under him. But he routinely surrenders separation in man coverage vs. tight ends when playing near the line. Doesn't waste nearly as much motion when asked to click and close. Sits into his stance better off the snap, keeps his feet under him and cleanly can drive on throws. Is a bit stiff hipped when asked to turn and run and doesn't get back up to speed quickly. However, displays good range/straight-line speed in space when asked to range in the deep half for the position, exhibiting good ball skills and coordination when asked to go make a play. Plays like a 4.5 guy.

Breaks down well on ball carriers in space, is patient into the tackle and wraps well. Doesn't consistently bring his feet through contact and becomes more of a catcher in the open field. However, when filling the alley downhill, reads and reacts quickly, displays good burst driving on ball carries and creates more of a pop at the point. Is consistent as a tackler as long as he wraps. Will get himself into some trouble at times just trying to strike. Also, gets high when asked to wrap-up and will slip off bigger bodies on the edge. Nevertheless, showcases a good feel for the run game, reads and reacts quickly, takes good angles and displays above-average range in pursuit for the position.

Impression: Still has some upside at the position, as he can tackle, displays solid range in space and above-average instincts in all areas of the game. Should be a heck of a special teams player early and looks like a guy who should fight for playing time.
Above review courtesty Nationalfootballpost.com