In the third year of the Pioli/Haley era, one would think KC would be maybe 3/4 of the way to building a championship team, and getting to the playoffs last year gave me a lot of hope. But now this team is going in the wrong direction.
Many on here will blame injuries. I disagree. Good teams overcome injuries. Good teams draft depth. Both our offensive and defensive lines are horrible. Just flat out bad. There is no excuse for this. None.
I posted 3 years ago that this team needed to build from inside out - build the lines first. I got shot down.
So who is accountable for this mess? Clark? Pioli? Haley?
With over 30 million in cap room, why couldn't we make some strides on getting our lines fixed?
Why are we still trying to squeeze 4/3 players into a 3/4 defense?
I'm not sure who is making the decisions on this team regarding player personnel, coaches, and philosophy, but whoever it is - is failing. Time to re-evaluate.