I haven't seen any local press to confirm this, but Chicago sports talker 670 The Score is reporting that Palko is still getting 60% of the snaps with the first team in practice.

Everyone is expecting Orton to start against the Bears, even in Chicago, but It appears that Haley is determined to start Palko and will probably be quick to go to Orton if Tyler turns the ball over.

It's also possible that Orton is getting fewer snaps because it's his first full week of practice and they are only giving him a very limited number of plays to work with.

I don't know how Haley can even consider giving Palko another start after the first 2 games. I know he got the offense moving pretty well, but it doesn't matter how many yards you get if you are likely to turn the ball over before you reach the end zone.

Do you think Orton should start against the Bears? I do. Do you think Orton will start against the Bears? I'm not so sure.