I know that this WIN make us feel proud of our Chiefs, but I would like to point out a couple of ideas stuck on my mind. Today our Chiefs shows that they arenít that Bad. A huge fact is that Haley loose the control of this team long time ago, I never got into Haley Wagon. Even he took us to playoff last year.

I felt that Haley was an OK Off. Coordinator, thatís all. Heís the king of guy that with some power turns into a Mess, his regime was a doghouse for some players, but mostly for himself. Yes he turns D. Bowe into a better WR. But also he was a nightmare for any Offensive Coordinator, he wants to be under control of that too ..
Chan Gailey left because of Him, Charlie too and I bet that Muir was into the doghouse too. Today Muir shows a better play calling or maybe today he can really call the plays with out getting into Haleyís rage. Plus his non existence relationship with our GM. Last couple of week our Offense was just a Joke .. I reed that last week vs Jets he was under the play calling .. and it was the last nail into his coffin.

But also there a ďtheoryĒ that he did those play calling as a revenge to our GM. Anyways .. today thereís a heavy non refutable fact that Haley wasnít the right coach.

Also even in one game Orton shows that Cassel isnít our solution at QB ..
I donít mean that Orton will be our franchise QB but Orton have just few weeks under the system and looks much more a threat that Cassel ever look. He made better throws so the WRs can get into the ball. Orton owns a better arm to stretch the field.

Cassel had suffer so many OC changes Ö but he had never show what Orton did today.

Orton got the same weapons that Cassel got thru all this season.

May be Casselís playing was due Haley poor Coaching .. Could it be but IMO Cassel itís a System QB and thatís all .. is not the type of QB that no matter what system heís running he can play consistently .

Iím sure that today could be the last weeks for some players under Chiefs Helmet i.e. T. Jones, A. Becht) but they shows flashes and desire to win.

I really would like that Romeo get a chance as HC .. and could be, he knows how to deal with GM.
Besides Players believe in his job. And heís doing a great job with our D.

Just in case GM choose another HC, I hope Romeo stays around Ö

Finally today we see the light and the end of the Tunnel !