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Denver defense will be much more difficult than GB. We scored 19 points on the worst/2nd worst defense in the NFL in most categories and the 2nd worst overall. If you think we will crush anyone when we could only score 19 points on such a bad defense, don't watch the game. This is going to be a battle of defenses. It should be a very low scoring game and, while I like Orton and hope he and Cassel wage a brutal war for starter next year, when he can't even score 14 points people will be off his bandwagon and back on the "draft a good QB" bandwagon again.
They are rated the second worst by YARDS, by points given up which is all that matters they are 15th the broncos are 22nd on points and on yards so it's likely we will score more points on denver then green bay. I think if we can contain Tebow and their run game and force him to have to pass we will do well because he is a terrible passer.