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I think it was a brilliant move on Barkley's part. He gets to compete for a natl. championship, it probably made Khalil stay too, it more than likely makes him the #1 QB in the 2013 draft and oh yeah....he'll get more tail then he'll know what to do with for another year.

If we can trade back a bit and get any of those three guys I'd be happy. Not sure about the D pick though. I mean it'd be nice and he'd be awesome to have but we've spent so many picks on the D that we need to concentrate on building up the O now...just my humble opinion.
I would not be upset if we spent our 1st round pick on D. The biggest needs on offense (IMO) in this order are LG, RT, TE and RB (Lets ignore the debate about QB, because we all seem to agree that it will be unlikely for any of those guys to fall to us). In all reality, there should be some good guards available in free agency. RT could be picked up easily in the 2nd or maybe even 3rd round if not in FA. TE and RB could easily be picked up in the 2nd or 3rd round also. They wouldnt be elite, but they should be good enough to contribute significantly.

That having been said, there really arent that many needs that we have that need "first round" talent.

I really see us trading back or picking up the "Best Player Available" for either side of the team.

The only positions that I would say WTF about if they picked would be WR and CB (assuming we re-sign Carr).