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Thread: Chiefs Keys To Victory.

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    Default Chiefs Keys To Victory.

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    New to the forums so how are my fellow Chief fans tonight?

    Well its almost Game time and The Chiefs need a Big Victory and also need The Bills to beat The Donks which maybe The Amish Rifle will start picking it up who knows we can only hope. Anyways I present to you the Chiefs keys to victory.

    1.Kyle Orton-This is the obvious one, Orton threw for 299 last week and played pretty solid, We need him to step up this week and take advantage of Huff and Routt who seem to be getting beat alot, Could mean a big Day for the Killer B's and Kyle Orton. Orton needs to continue his success.

    2.Getting TD's in the Red Zones, While Orton made clutch throws, Our Offense was stagnant in the Red Zone. More Toss Plays to the outside for McCluster and stop running him up the middle, I love Run DMC but hes too small to be taking shots like that, Give it to Battle or throw a few play actions whatever we just need TD's in the red zone.

    3. Romeo, Crennel has these guys believing in him and needs to carry over into this week. Get the D playing hard like they have been for these past weeks.

    4.Bring Pressure On Carson, Force Turnovers, No Qb is good under pressure and we need to Sack Carson or force him to make errant throws and Give Our Safety's and Corners a Chance for a INT.

    5.Heart-While getting into The playoffs seems bleak its possible and the Team has to believe they can, If The Bills and Lions show up we could be looking the sneak in, Its a possibility so believe Fellow Chiefs fans!!

    Happy Holidays to all
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    Lot's of injuries for the Raiders. Running back Darren McFadden (foot), receiver Jacoby Ford (foot), defensive tackle John Henderson (knee) and safety Michael Huff (hamstring) have all been ruled out.

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    McGraw, Jon S Ankle LP LP DNP Out Wiegmann, Casey C Calf LP LP LP probable

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