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Why so much Pioli hate? Sure he stuck his nose in Haleys business...but thats cause Haley was fu*king everything up. We dont have a new HC yet so how do you know he will or will not be able to choose his own staff?? Dont hate for the sake of hating.
If you think someones a F up don't hire them. Don't try to run all over the guy pick his coordinators for him, stick him with a qb he clearly doesn't like, and micro manage every little detail. Haley got fired for personal reasons him and Pioli did not see eye to eye. How do you go from coach of the year, then lose a lot of your best players and get fired even though your still in play off contention (before Haley got fired we were still in play off contention), I'm not saying Haley is the best coach ever but I don't think you fire a guy for personal reasons he needs to drop the ego and get over himself.