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Thread: Maher goes after Tebow

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    Default Maher goes after Tebow

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    words can't described what I think about this Idiot. but true to form he goe's after Tebow

    Twitter continues to swell with a flood of complaints against comedian Bill Maher in response to a particularly scathing Tweet the outspoken television host made about Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow during Christmas Eve's Broncos-Bills showdown, NBC Sports reports.

    Tebow had just thrown his fourth interception of the game (the Broncos eventually lost 14-41) when Bill Maher Tweeted to his roughly 872,000 followers:

    im putting up a SNL skit they did on tebow in youtube  325]

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    I think Bill is hateful and full of spite, but living in the United States he has the right to his opinion and further the right to express it in whatever disparaging way he choses. I normally wouldn't give him the time of day, but his tweet regarding Jesus and Tebow just makes me wonder why he feels the need to spew such venomous tripe.

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