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Thread: Rumour Mill: RGIII and Landry Jones MAY stay in School

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    Default Rumour Mill: RGIII and Landry Jones MAY stay in School

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    I just saw a post from Pojote that said "Now they are saying RGIII might stay in school" so I did some research and thought this might deserve it's own thread.

    I guess "they" is some guy named Tony Pauline who tweeted
    Also- as of today the word is Robert Griffin III/Baylor & Landry Jones/Oklahoma will also return to school. Could change, still interesting

    source has picked up the story and ran with it ...
    Report: Robert Griffin III And Landry Jones Might Stay in School

    According to Tony Pauline of, both Baylor’s Robert Griffin III and Oklahoma’s Landry Jones are leaning towards following in the footsteps of USC’s Matt Barkley by remaining in school for their senior season.

    read more
    This was supposed to be the deepest QB draft in a long time, but it appears other QBs are assuming Andrew Luck will be the first pick and don't want to go 2nd.

    They have until January 15 to make a final decision so who knows what will happen at this point, but this could change everything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KCdrummer View Post
    RGIII is gonna go. What would be better then to leave a heisman winner along with a bowl game win?
    I agree and the commentators said something that made a lot of sense. People come back when there's something to improve. Be it themselves as a player, winning a bowl game or competing for a championship. RG3 is a heismann winner, won't get any better in that. They won the bowl game so that can't be a reason. As for winning a championship let's be honest, Baylor simply won't be competing for a championship next year. He's graduated and is only a junior by eligibility standards. So all the signs are there for him to leave and I'd be floored if he returned.

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