So now that the end of the Chiefs season is near... We look to the off-season and how we can improve our team.

I have posted mock drafts and free agent wish-lists on here, along with many others, and as we all know, the draft/off season is extremely fluid, and the likelihood of one prediction working out to a T' is highly unlikely. Free Agency affects the Draft, the players available/selected affect the strategies and targets for the later rounds in the draft.
So I have decided to take a different approach, and look at number of positions of need for the Chiefs (OG, OT, QB, RB, ILB, NT/DE, TE, Safety-In no particular order) Assess why it is a position of need, and look at the potential prospects from ALL avenues (Free Agency, and each round of draft). I will give some info about each player, how I think we might acquire them, and why I think they would be a good fit.
I hope everyone enjoys the threads and it starts some good discussions, so please let us hear your thoughts on the prospects, as well as tossing out other ideas/prospects that might have been overlooked.