1. Pioli should had stepped in immediately after Haley let Gaily go. That was the tell-tale sign that Haley was not the future of this team.
2. Pioli dishing out a 2nd round pick plus 60 million for a backup QB also not the brightest decision.
3. Pioli seems to be unable to separate himself from his New England connections rather than come up with his own team philosophy.

I think Clark made the wrong decision in making Pioli a NFL GM. And it shows. Perhaps, Clark might had extended the offer to Belichick, who made all the decisions while Pioli was working with him.
That said, I'll give Pioli another year to right this ship. Firing Haley is a start, but the fact remains that he was the man that hired him in the first place. I'm not too enthused about who he might bring in next.
Maybe I'm being too critical, maybe I'm just tired of sneaking into the playoffs once every 10 years, only to lose once we get there.