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Thread: Makes us look pretty good

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    Default Makes us look pretty good

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    That Teboner and the Donkeys just spanked the Steelers in OT right after we spanked them and held them to 3 points despite us losing our number 1 WR before the second half (and all the other injuries on our team).

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    Quote Originally Posted by 70 chiefsfan70 View Post

    Leadership is a quality effort, the ability to motivate those around you.

    You are correct, the leaders of last year did sit out. Thats when someone else has to pick up the slack and no one in the offense did that. Moeaki and Charles in the red zone would have been the difference.

    I think it should have been Cassel (until he got hurt) and Bowe, I think both failed their team this year.

    I think my point is proven by Orton. We had the same OL, RB's and WR's and everyone seemed to be playing better. I also think Haley being gone helped improve the motivation of the team. I am not much of an Orton fan and don't think he is the answer, but just imagine what a real elite QB would do here.
    So, we didn't have enough back-up leaders?

    Again, determining who, if anyone, was showing real leadership, has to be done from the inside. There is no way to put any credibility to such a statement without inside information.

    You seem to be just set on affiliating leadership to quick success.

    The best leadership is leading the team through the tough times. Because nobody wants that job, and there is no glory to be had.

    Everybody wants to be the leader when things are going great.

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