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Thread: Dwayne Bowe...your thoughts?

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    Default Dwayne Bowe...your thoughts?

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    Occasionally I interact with Dwayne Bowe both on Facebook and at the NFLPLA'a sponsored SOTL's website.

    Recently while doing so the question was raised as to whether or not he would be a KC Chief next season. Bowe diplomatically answered the question, as I knew he would, hahaha. He said the following:

    "I love KC and hope to remain a Chief BUT I understand it's a business also so we'll see what happens and leave the business side of things to my agent and the team."

    These are some other comments below Dwayne made I noted of interest leaning positive he will be a Chief next season, but I also know it's a day to day negotiation process of which could change any day. :/

    Dwayne Bowe randomly conversing positive comments made:

    "I think the Chiefs have a great team spark that will continue to help us grow n get better."

    "Coach Crennel is a stand up dude, got nothing but love for him."

    "Crennel is a great dude. The Chiefs are gonna go hard next season."

    "Being a Chief motivates all of us...we want to succeed and get better and go further."

    "As a team we worked hard this season, overcame a lot and pushed hard each week. We are excited for this coming season and can't wait to get back out there."

    These are his favorite places to be, he said:

    "Besides Arrowhead, my home."
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