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good to see ya back CJ, haven't heard alot from you over thae last month or so. gotta keep them both , just sign 'em we got cap room.
Thanks chiefnut! Life's been overwhelming the last couple of months, as seems to occur from time to time. I've had friends needing my emotional support with tragedy, loss of life, break ups, all sorts of problems. As well, my daughter's pregnancy had complications develop. My newest grandson, Levi...will be born tomorrow morning by C-Section...we're excited, but nervous also...praying all goes well of course. :)

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If you look at the offensive production from the last 3 games, they were better than they had been all year. But look at the last game, where Bowe got hurt. Seems like they couldn't complete many passes after that.

I think it shows how much KC needs Bowe.
I agree!

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I think that given the fact that we have seen Charles and Hali brought back that Bowe and Carr will both be back. I and would like to see Bowe back even though he at times makes me want to bang my head against the wall with some drops.
LOL yep, even though I love him and he's my fav #1 player, even I can't excuse some of his boo boo's on occasion, hahaha.

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Cant wait to see that news article that says "Dwayne Bowe signs 6-year deal with Chiefs"

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I just thought of a possibility that really hasn't been discussed yet, regarding Bowe.

What if his agent is seeking considerably more money than he is worth and Pioli knows it? This would be understandable since the agent's job is to get the best possible deal for his client.

Is it possible that Piloi will wait for Bowe to hit the free agent market and then offer him a deal that is in the ball park of the highest offer, to keep him here? He would run the risk of losing Bowe if a team is willing to over pay him, but if he feels that his agent is asking for way too much money, this may be the only way to convince him.

If it turns out that other teams are willing to pay what Bowe's agent is asking the Chiefs for, Pioli may feel that, given the Chiefs' strong commitment to the running game, it makes more sense to let him go and bring in a FA at a significantly lower cost, allowing the Chiefs to spend more money on other areas of need. It would be a 'win' for the Bowe and a 'win' for the Chiefs at the same time.

I really don't want to lose Bowe and I know we have plenty of cap space, but that doesn't mean you should overpay anybody.

Just a thought.
Yes, I agree, and this possibility has been discussed among some at Facebook on occasion. Honestly, my instincts tell me this is exactly what is occurring right now.

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I have spent a lot of time debating this with local, fellow Chiefs fans and none can come up with a reason as not to sign him, unless its done in a way to land us RG3. I'm not sure thats even possible, even with throwing in our first in 2013, which I think will be between 24 and 30th overall pick. I would support giving Bowe for a quality QB pick/trade. I like Bowe alot and I realize that he has not played to his full potential, probably due to many different OC'S and Haley, but the real truth is without his drop in the end zone we would have won 1 more game and made the playoffs. I also realize he helped us win on the wins that we had. I expect Bowe to be franchised, this should give us at lease a first and probably a 3rd 4th or fifth depending on the spot of the first. With this pick we should have lots of options, either on QB, RT, C/G and even RB(Trent Richardson) if we do franchise him we loose our best WR, but we will still be able to win games if we improve our run game with another stud RB and adding a good RT and Guard. We could complete the Wr and OL via the rest of the draft and or FA.

Now to Carr.

I think its crucial that we sign Carr, we just spent a lot of money signing Flowers and Berry and to get the most out of our money Carr is the completing piece. These 3 probowlers complement each other and with 1 missing it strains the rest of the secondary. Also not to mention lets look at the LBers we have. Houstin, hali, and DJ all are recently signed drawing big paychecks and they are proving they can take care of their jobs with gives us more option to blitz whenever and wherever we need/want.

In a business stand point Carr is more valuable to us.

JMHO, I welcome any and all comments, I know this does not fit well with all, but thats ok, I enjoy reading opinions.
I know many Chiefs fans are in favor of sacrificing whatever it takes to draft RG3...but I'm not in agreement for many reasons. One of them is RG3 isn't a proven QB in the NFL, NCAA's a different ballgame as we all know. Also, if Pioli and coaches believe Stanzi has what it takes to be our future franchise QB...they're not gonna draft RG3. As fans, we don't have a clue what Stanzi is capable of or not, as we've not seen him play in the NFL yet.

I'm not against drafting RG3...but not at any cost, including sacrificing our proven Pro Bowl players...we need them too. It takes a solid team of talent & ability to win, one man can't do it alone.

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The problem with this way of thinking is even if Balwin does progress and look really really good, we still need another WR. We should be able to pick one up via FA, if they spent the money.
I agree.

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I think we neer carr more than bowe. We sign bowe and our d-backfield is set for along time.We will either sign carr,tag bowe or sign bowe tag carr.
Bowe is a show boat and will go were the most money and biggest crowds are.
Well, Bowes made some amazing acrobatic catches that make the NFL's play or catch of the week list...he has reason to be a 'showboat' as such, hahaha. ;)

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I do not think we will be seeing Bowe here next season.

I think that Pioli will be more than happy to go with the guy he drafted, and not pay out the nose for Bowe.

I think Bowe should come at a fair price, considering he is coming off of a good, but not stellar, season.

But I have always thought that Pioli took Baldwin for this exact situation.
I wondered at the time as well, if Pioli drafted Baldwin with intentions of his replacing Bowe as a #1 WR on the Chiefs. I still think we need them both, in addition to Breaston. :/

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Bowe has gotten better, we need to sign them both. Put a performance award on his contract if he does well.
Yep, that's more or less what I was thinking when I said surely the two sides can come to terms of which are fair on both sides, addressing both sides concerns. :)