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WOW, youre putting a lot of work into this! I had 06 on PC, my first madden game, it was really fun. Controls were kinda awkward but none the less it was fun! If current Madden games had all the features of the old games, but the current new featues and the graphics of the current games, Madden would be the best game EVER!
I personally have a huge database going back 10 years with hundreds of data splits that automatically generates Madden ratings.

All I need is a player's height, weight, 40 time, draft position and career stats and I can generate their Madden numbers. It took me months to compile and because every player is evaluated using the same algorithms I never have an overrated or underrated player in the game the way that EA does.

It aggravates me to no end the way that EA favors the big-market teams and whatever teams are the flavors of the year. It's the other biggest reason I greatly prefer the PC version to shelling out $60 a year on their BS.

I could probably kill in a fantasy football league if I took any interest in them.

I'd love it too if EA would bring the next-gen graphics to the PC if and only if it were in a form that we could get into files and mod to our liking.