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I'm aware of the history of their uniform combinations as I've read that wiki before.

I happen to be of the opinion that a change in uniforms is not necessarily a bad thing. Denver changed their uniforms and won two Super Bowls. The Patriots did also and have created a dynasty. If you look at the participants in the Super Bowl for the last decade the majority have made revisions in their uniforms in recent history. It's like buying a new suit before a big presentation, it's a shot of confidence, of shaking the past or a new way of thinking. The Chiefs haven't been to the Super Bowl in nearly 4 decades, maybe it's time to buy that new suit.

the falcons fans might disagree.

talent, hard work, and a little luck wins championships not uniforms. the thing about a tradition is exactly that it is a tradition. when you change it you end it and you usually can't get it back.