Sports fans hopping over Kangaroo TV
By Jim Levesque
The Facts
Published October 7, 2007
Though it looks like a large walkie-talkie, itís actually the latest in technology for NFL football fans like yours truly.

Iíve had the dilemma for the last umpteen years of being unable to take a gander at all the current NFL games going on simultaneously. Unless, of course, I had 10 screens to view and listen to all the action.

A solution landed on the palm of my hand Sept. 9 when the Houston Texans opened the season against Kansas City.

By way of DirectTV, Kangaroo TV gives a football fan a glimpse of what is happening at other games live while also enjoying their home contest.

Besides seeing the Texans and Chiefs game live, I was able to glance at Green Bay and Philadelphia, Minnesota/Atlanta, Carolina/St. Louis and all other games with a Sunday noon start.

Of course, I also was keeping up with the MLB playoff race ó excluding the Astros ó at that time on my laptop. So needless to say, I was getting the best of all worlds.

With a small TV screen on Kangaroo TV, oneís viewing pleasure can be switched with the flick of a button. From one coast to the next, the hand-held system will keep fans updated even when having to hit the concession stand or take care of some personal business.

When watching the NFL on Sundays, there is no such thing as too much of a good thing. This not only is an over-abundance of the NFL, itís spectacular for a fan who doesnít like to miss any action on the field.

It isnít only the fix of the week for the NFL, it is the ultimate gadget that can keep fans updated and actually not miss a play as it happens.

Kangaroo TV first got its start in 2003 at the Champ Car World Series. After spreading to NASCAR Nextel in 2006, the device made its debut in the NFL.

The Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins first tested Kangaroo TV last season. This year Houston and Seattle have joined in to give their fans the ultimate in the NFL.

Fantasy football enthusiast also will enjoy this gadget because it gives the latest stats as the games are happening. With four fantasy teams, I keep a close tab on my players on any given day.

Houston fans wishing to experience Kangaroo TV can pick one up at Kiosks inside Reliant Stadium and not miss anything league-wide.

The invention of Kangaroo TV is kind of like 20 Christmases all rolled into one.