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Thread: David Garrard : a Pioli-type of acquisition?

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    Default David Garrard : a Pioli-type of acquisition?

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    I know quite a few Chiefs fans have images of quarterbacks like Peyton Manning and RGIII dancing in their heads, and while most fans would agree that Matt Cassel isn't the present or long term answer, I just don't see Scott Pioli making a big splash by bringing in a big name in free agency or drafting a quarterback in the early rounds.

    A player that I have honestly forgotten about is David Garrard. Now, before I hear a collective sigh from you guys, let me explain why I mention him.

    I hate to say it, but I believe that Scott Pioli is still determined to support Matt Cassel as much as possible and I think with keeping Jim Zorn as quarterback coach and bringing in Brian Daboll who like Cassel is from the Patriot family tree and more than likely will have a system Matt is somewhat familiar with, Pioli has shown he is willing to stick with Cassel.

    Now, Crennel and Pioli have stated they want to see a competition at quarterback, but I don't see the team bringing in a Manning or drafting a RGIII.

    I can see Pioli being interested in bringing in someone like David Garrard. Garrard isn't going to likely command much of a contract and at the age of 34 also likely isn't going to be looking for a starting role promised out of the gate. I would think if the Chiefs showed interest, the opportunity to come to Kansas City and compete with Cassel would be attractive.

    Also, Garrard brings experience that could also be viewed as a positive for both Cassel and Ricky Stanzi. Plus, and possibly most importantly, I think Pioli would view Garrard as that veteran presence that would push Cassel, but not really be a threat to push him to the bench. I am definitely not saying I agree with this idea, but I could see it being a definite consideration by Pioli.

    I definitely don't think there will be alot of interest in Garrard outside of being a veteran backup, and I think he would bring just enough to the table that should Cassel struggle out of the gate, we wouldn't have another Palko situation...while providing the team with a veteran #2 to let Stanzi continue to gain experience.

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