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    This is just a mock that I had a little fun with, after looking at what trades could possibly happen.

    I don’t like the ideas floating around about getting rid of Dorsey, so I thought of another possible scenario that let us keep him, and still trade back to pick up an additional 2nd rounder. This is just one scenario which ran through my head. I still like the idea of staying at 11 and nabbing Decastro or Martin, or not trading back as far and still grabbing one of those two. Reality is that where we set is prime for trades, and usually a-lot of movement happens between picks 11-20 so here we go…

    TRADE!! Chicago Bears trade 1st (19th) and 2nd (51st) round picks to KC for #11 overall pick

    [11 overall (points- 1,250) ] vs [19(875pts) + 51 (390) = 1265]

    Phil Emery throws Pioli a bone for putting him in a position to land the GM job with Chicago. Emery realizes the Bears are in dire need of O-line help and a play-making WR and could be a playoff contender if they land an impact player at one or both of these positions. #11 overall could land them a play-maker at either position. And with 4 picks in the first 3 rounds they can afford to loose one in order to move up and get a better talent than they could at 19.

    Round 1 • Pick 19:
    Cordy Glenn- OG | Georgia
    6’5” • 345 lbs

    A few things that will stand out to Pioli about Glenn: Size, Durability, Experience, Versatility, and played in the SEC. Glenn has 49 career starts for the Bulldogs including 28 at LG, 4 at RG, and 17 at LT. The option to have Glenn as a swing player on our line at any position excluding center will be hard for Pioli to pass up. He has never missed a game due to injury while at Georgia. If Johnathan Martin is here, he may opt to take him, but if not, Pioli will go for the #2 overall interior lineman in spite of the #4-5 overall OT which we could land in round 2.

    Round 2A • Pick 12 (44 overall):
    Zebrie Sanders- OT | Florida State
    6’6” • 320lbs

    There’s a trend already in this years draft: Stabilize the O-line with Versatility. And I now have us landing the #5 overall OT! Sanders has also been a starter since his true freshman year, and has experience playing at both LOT and ROT. Intangibles are through the roof with high character grades, and a good work ethic. Durable player who hasn’t missed any games due to injury as well. With Glenn and Sanders both coming to our O-line we will be set with options and different line combos for years to come.
    Side Note:
    Pioli more than likely has taken a look at this guy last year after drafting fellow Seminole Rodney Hunson, so he should have plenty of research to go off of when scouting him.

    Round 2B • Pick 18 (50 overall):
    Josh Chapman- NT | Alabama
    6’1” • 318lbs

    Chapman has been an under-the-radar stud for the Crimson tide with colorful prospects like Marcell Darius and Terrance Cody over-shadowing him. Chapman however comes from a 3-4 system that breeds NFL defensive lineman via Nick Saban and has been groomed to play a 3-4 NT. Chapman was the team's strongest player as early as his red-shirt freshman season, owning a 480 pound bench press in 2008. He left Alabama benching closer to 580 pounds, according to the Alabama strength and conditioning staff and has a 630-pound squat when healthy. There has been recent news that Chapman played a majority of this past season with a torn ACL, which has wowed scouts by displaying his toughness and dedication to the game (something Pioli likes). This injury may cause him to drop on draft boards and we could possibly get him in rounds 4-5.

    Round 3 • Pick 11 (75 Overall):
    Laderius Green- TE | Louisiana Lafayette
    6’6” • 238lbs

    Green is one of the most athletic TE’s in this years class. He posted a 4.53, 40 time which ranked him as the 2nd fastest TE in this years group as well as a top performer in the broad jump, and 20 yd shuttle. Green was view out of high school as a tall but slower WR, which didn’t garner a lot of attention from big schools. He has since became a TE and bulked up. With Moeaki’s injury showing we have absolutely no options behind him, and Maneri moving from tackle to Blocking-TE, Green is the type of play-maker we need to add at TE, who could potentially become a big threat to defenses trying to match up with him using a LB.

    Round 4 • Pick12 (108 overall):
    Vick Ballard- RB | Mississippi State
    5’11” • 220lbs

    Ballard could be a versatile option that could give us the thunder to Charles’ lightning. @ 5”10” 220 he is similar in size to TJ, and is an inside runner that is capable to break a long run, and catch the ball out of the backfield as well as capable in pass protection. It seems as though TJ is on his way out, and there are no signs of bringing back Jackie Battle either. I still think they look to FA and bring in a guy like Tolbert or Green-Ellis, but Ballard would be a nice option as well. If not Ballard, a guy like Branden Boldin from Ole Miss would be an option as well.

    Round 5 • Pick11 (139 overall):
    Jerry Franklin- ILB | Arkansas
    5’11” • 220lbs

    Although I love Belcher and his story, we will be in search of another talented Inside Linebacker to push him for playing time, and develop. Franklin is fast, and athletic and Has led the team in tackles and started all but one game at MLB for the Razorbacks since his red-shirt Freshman season (leading tackler 4years in a row!) Pioli likes those guys with lots of experience out of the SEC and Franklin is one of them.

    Round 6 • Pick12 (172 overall):
    Ryan Broyels- WR | Oklahoma
    5’11” • 220lbs

    Similar to McCluster, Broyles stands at 5’10” 192lbs (slightly bigger) With McCluster moving into the backfield, we still need a slot receiver that can work with space, but also has straight line speed to take the top off the D. Broyles would fill that need, as well as the added dynamic of the return game, which looked promising with arenas and McCluster, has yet to produce much. Broyles is a top level talent that is described as being a “polished” receiver who runs excellent routes. Broyles could have been projected as a 2nd-4th round talent, but is recovering from an ACL tear and has dropped his stock. With the potential being as high as it is, the 6th round risk is worth the potential reward he could bring to our offense.

    Round 7A • Pick11 (203 overall):
    Markus Zusevics- OT | Iowa
    6’5” • 300lbs

    The versatility theme of this draft is resurrected: Pioli has taken at least one Iowa player in each of the last 2 drafts (Moeaki and Stanzi) and with the connection to Ferrentz, I think we will hear plenty of chatter that Riely Reiff may land with us in round 1…However I think Reiff will be off the board by the time we pick, which brings me to the next Iowa player I could see on our team. Zusevics is considered a self-made lineman, who worked extremely hard to get to where he is. Scouting reports have him listed as a versatile player that would fit best at Guard, but has the possibility to play OT as well. Pioli loves hard nosed versatile lineman, and would love to add another Iowa prospect to our roster capable of playing either OT or OG. Zusevics is graded as a 4th-6th round talent and tore his pectoral muscle during the bench press at this weekends scouting combine. Again we take a low risk (7th round pick) high reward: developmental prospect who will work hard, and be a swing lineman capable of lining up at multiple positions.

    Round 7B • Pick 31 (223 overall | From New England):
    Sean Richardson- S | Vanderbilt
    6’5” • 300lbs

    The injury to Eric Berry has shown our lack of depth at the safety position. Richarson has played both SS and FS, and has a similar hard nosed style to Berry, with elite level size and speed. Is noted as a leader on the defensive side of the ball. Needs to improve in man coverage a bit, but with the ability to play both positions we can’t not add the depth and attempt to develop him. Side Note: Played behind Current Chiefs Safety Reshard Langford his freshman year.

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