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No, he should be making tackles as well. Wilfork had 63 last season. You should be tackling anyone that runs up the middle, otherwise the hole has not been plugged.

I just dont buy into the leap in draft stock from one good day at the combine. This guy was not going anywhere in the first round before the combine. did people just now realize he is strong and fast?? Sounds like poor scouting if he went under everyones radar. I just dont see how a good day at the combine changes everyones mind that drastically when we clearly need a new RT and there are a TON more players available there who have PROVEN they are good on the football field as well as having a good combine. To much risk with our #1 pick IMO
Isn't the purpose of the NT to be a big strong guy that plugs holes and gets double teamed allowing LB's and DE's to be freed up to go after the QB? If so wouldn't the combine be a great indication of this. I understand a position like a QB, CB, WR, etc. that take a great amount of skill but the NT is basically a big bodied guy he's not going to be covering WR's he's going to jam up holes and smash centers to the ground, so strength and speed are great indicators. Also like many people have stated this guy's only issue is his technique which is a coaching issue.