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Pioli did such a great job in the FA that Poe isn't such a stretch at 11, I'd prefer to trade down to 20 and get an extra pick or two but I would not be irate if we got Poe at 11.

Poe is a BIG gamble, he has impressed at the combine w/speed and quickness...but on tape has been pushed around by power blocking and has easily been taken out by RB's and TE's. i would not want to gamble a #11 on that. He may be another of those w/a huge potential but not the motor to achieve it. Decastro just seems to be a sure thing and an immediate impact player. if not him trade down, i like Still if we can get him plus a pick. he has spent a ton of time on the field since PSU has had no offense for the past 2 years. he does not usually get credited for alot of sacks but he does disrupt the backfield so others sack the QB or cause incompletions and broken plays. he plays much better against the run than Poe. if not Still than any player that would be an impact player will do.