In his third year, he's starting to turn some heads.

From the article:

When the Kansas City Chiefs selected Tyson Jackson with the third overall pick of the 2009 draft, they didnít exactly get an immediate return on their investment. In fact, as a rookie, Jackson had one of the worst years youíre likely to see from any defensive player. He didnít make defensive stops, got no pressure, and you get the sense he would have been benched early in the season but for his draft stock. Year 2 saw him miss time injured before bouncing back with a slightly below average year, but nothing to suggest heíd then turn into one of the premier run-defending 3-4 ends in the league as he did in 2011.

A testament to coaching and patience, Jackson led all 3-4 ends by registering a defensive stop on 10.6% of all running plays he was in forĖno mean feat since only the Cardinalsí defensive ends played more snaps in this regard than him. The Chiefs donít get much pass rush from their 5-techniques, but with Glenn Dorsey in sixth place on this list, you get an idea of what both men bring to the table. Maybe you want more from Top 5 picks, but theyíre getting something from them.

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