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Thread: Some good Southern Love for K.C.

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    Default Some good Southern Love for K.C.

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    Hello from Alabama!

    Long time Crimson Tide fan here. Have lived down here my entire life in southern Alabama right near the Gulf of Mexico.

    I am really a Saints fan. Locally they are my team closest to me, and anyone that lives down here cannot say we don't love the Saints more than anything, cause we damn sure do.

    However I have a soft spot for the Chiefs. It's rather strange. A few years ago a friend intrdocuted me to "Tecmo Super Bowl.", I became hooked almost immediately, but unlike most people I have not really played the NES version. I had a cartridge of the Super nintendo version and I played that thing for 2 years straight.. And despite it having some of the best power house teams of the early 1990's (Warren Moon's Oilers, the K-Gun Buffalo Bills, Steve Young and the 49ers, the "Triplets" in Dallas), I loved playing with the Chiefs more than I did all those other teams.

    Recently I finally caught onto Tecmo Super Bowl III: Final Edition, which was based in the 1995 season and man did I have a run. I actually a Super Bowl with the Chiefs, finishing the season 15-1, which was my best record ever of all the Tecmo games (Nope I have never went undefeated, I did go 14-2 with the 49ers on the other game) and I rode my way to a Super Bowl victory against the Cowboys. But winning the Super Bowl with the Chiefs is rather funny when I say this, but I did it with a back up quarterback after Steve Bono went down with an injury in the 4th game I won MVP, and Offensive Player of the Year, and even won the Super Bowl with Mr. Matt Blundin who had a break out, crazy year after Bono went injured and was gone for 6 weeks. By the time I got Bono back, i was not replacing my boy with him.

    Derrick Thomas was always my favorite Chief. I rooted for this team hard when I was younger when Montana and Marcus Allen was there. I just didn't want to see Buffalo in the Super Bowl again.

    I have a soft spot for the Chiefs after dominating with them on Tecmo Super Bowl for the last 3 years, and I hope this team actually does something in the next few years. Please continue to beat Tebow (Bama fan here, absolutely hate him) so I don't have to hear about him every single day, and I hope Crennell does a good job with this defense, in times they looked great. I'm not someone that can rub it in losing, hell the Saints for years were god awful, and I'm a pretty laid back person that enjoys The good ole Blues and some Football.

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    Welcome to the ChiefsCrowd!!! Looking forward to your posts around the forum!

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