first off, I have not read any posts yet, so I do not know exactly what everyone has said about this game, nor have I listened to any anylists.

My thought is to not get too worked up over this game. We played a very tough Jaguars team today. They are good.

Great start on our first drive to get us in field goal position. The field goal miss, in my opinion, did us in. I think, had we made that field goal and had the lead, the momentum would have been different, thus causing different results in the game.

We have no running game at all. This is a huge problem. So because of this, we have to do the opposite of what is normal, we have to break out our passing game in order to open up our running game instead of vise versa.

I do not think Huard is good enough of a quarterback to be able to open up our run by throwing good enough consistantly. I think Brody might be good enough to accomplish this task. It is at the point of time where we need to give Brody that shot.

Yes, we might sneak into the playoffs under Huard since we do have a good defense and the AFC WEST truly is weak this year....hopefully you are not still doubting this.

I have great news though, we are still in good shape. It is not as bad as some ppl are probably making it...havent read the posts yet.

I think if Brody gets in, he will take advantage of Bowe and Gonzalez, which Huard is not able to do for whatever reason.

The only blame I put on anyone THIS GAME was the field goal kicker who killed us from the start. Other than that, their special teams pinned us inside our own 10 yard line either 2 or 3 times. Things just didn't go our way.

Put Brodie in and give us a chance to beat the Bengals next week.