Just thought of a couple scenarios that see's Manning land elsewhere than KC and thought what if? would you consider?

Scenario 1:
If Manning lands in Denver, there is a lot of chatter about Tebow being traded to Jacksonville because the owner seems to be in love with the marketing aspect of bringing him home...

If this happens there is talk they would be willing to look to trade Gabbart. Would you be willing to make a trade to bring in Blaine Gabbart to set for a year or two and compete with Stanzi to start in a few years?

My answer would be: YES
You would have to think we could land him for a 2nd or a 3rd (If Cassel was worth a 2nd, and Brandon Marshall is worth 2 3rd's, Gabbart should be worth 1 3rd if you ask me, just based on his performance ) I think (with time to sit a learn) he could blossom into a reliable starter in the League. I just think he got tosses in with the sharks on a bad team last year.

Scenario 2:
If Manning Lands in Tennessee this means Matt Hasselbeck would be out. I know they have Locker, and would be interested in a trade to bring him in, but it sounds like if they Bring in Manning, Locker is staying to succeed him.

If this Happens, would you be interested in taking a shot on bringing in Matt Hasselbeck?

My Answer would be: Yes
I was torn at first on this idea because Hasselbeck is fairly old, but then I thought of the idea, that He is a better option that any other FA QB right now (even Orton) and has a winning attitude. I think he would be great competition to bring in for Cassel and push him. He might wind up as our starter for 2 seasons and then we hand off to Stanzi, or if he doesn't beat out Cassel, he would be a more than reliable and experienced backup in case we need him.

Scenario 3:
If Manning lands in Arizona, Kolb is all but done. I don't see them being able to trade him with his contract, so I think they cut him.

Would you be interested in taking a shot on bringing in Kevin Kolb as a free agent?

My answer would be:
I was high on Kolb last off season, but I think he has shown he doesn't have what it takes to be a dominant starter in this league. I would not want to bring him in unless is was for a back up role, and even then, I don't think I would want the distraction of a QB carousel with someone who really isn't better than Cassel the first time he has a bad game.

And Finally...

Scenario 4:

The Surprise team! If Houston comes into play and lands Manning, which I think they are the mystery team, this now free's up Matt Schaub.

Would you be willing to sign Schaub to compete and start over Cassel?

My answer would be: YES
I consider Schaub to be the 2nd tier of QB's behind the "Elite" category, and I place Cassel in the 3rd tier. I think Schaub would be and immediate improvement over Cassel, and could take us to the next level of playoff contention. He is 1 year older than Cassel (30) so his window is about the same. But I think we could get 4-6 productive seasons out of him, and have time to look into a successor when the opportunity presents itself, rather than worrying "right now"

Alright, what is everyone else's opinion of these possible scenarios?