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Thread: Yahoo News : The Shutdown Five: Legendary QBs who finished their

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    Default Yahoo News : The Shutdown Five: Legendary QBs who finished their

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    For fourteen years, Peyton Manning has worn a horseshoe on the side of his helmet. Today, he finally got the whole horse. Manning intends to become a Denver Bronco, and joins a list of quarterbacks who made themselves legends with one team, then finished their career somewhere else. Here are the top-five all-time "It's going to be really hard to picture that guy in another uniform" quarterbacks. 5. Archie Manning, Houston Oilers and Minnesota Vikings . Evidently, this sort of thing is in the Manning blood. Eli might want to start embracing his destiny, which appears to be spending his 2019 retirement season with the London Underutilized Dentists, or whatever we end up calling them. Archie spent ten years with the hapless Saints, making everyone wonder what he might be like if he played on a team that was semi-competent. Eventually, he moved on to the Oilers first, then the Saints, and mostly, he just kept losing. 4. Brett Favre, New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings . If we ever do a Shutdown Five of the least graceful career endings of all time, Favre will be number one through five. Here, he'll have to settle for four. After being maybe the most beloved man in the game in Green Bay, Favre trolled the nation with fake retirements until he eventually wound up with the Jets. There, he missed the playoffs and got tangled up with this mess . After several more fake retirements, he then moved on to the Vikings, where he did make one NFC Championship , then spent the next year both injured and ineffective.


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    So what this is saying is that there is only a 20% chance Manning will do anything worth while if the past is any prediction of the future. The five they are looking at did not set out 18 months and have 3 or 4 neck surgeries in that time either.

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