Now that we have locked up a bunch of people who will play major roles/starters, I think we need to look at the people we may bring in for depth/competition. PFT had this article on who they think are the top 10 free agents left.

Breaking down ten intriguing free-agent fliers left on the market | ProFootballTalk

Off that list, I would be interested in talking with Manny Lawson. He could be good depth behind Hali and Houston. He has the intangibles, and maybe with good coaching from RAC and Co, we could bring him up to his potential.

Also, Geoff Schwartz would give some good depth and experience, expecially since he could play guard or tackle.

Reggie Smith may give us some good competition/depth at FS behind Lewis.

At FB all we have on our roster is Shane Bannon. I dont think he ever made it off of the practice squad last year, so I dont know anything about him. If he isnt cutting it, I would consider looking at Tony Fiammetta.

Some other people not on that list that I would be interested in:

Curtis Lofton, ILB (he would probably start over Belcher)
Aubrayo Franklin, NT
Yeremiah Bell, SS

There are also a number of C/G available.