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Thread: tebow traded to jets

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    Default tebow traded to jets

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    tebow mannias over in the afc west thank god! donks get a 4th and 6th jets get tebow and 7th

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    I for one am glad they traded him. I wish he woulda went to Miami or Jax though. He could have done more for those cities. People into the stands. Give them some hope. I'm a Chiefs fan to the casket. But it is hard to not like the guy, and I was mad when they drafted him. Being from FL I watched him in college and didn't want to have to root against him every single day. The guy is a gamer for sure!! If I were the jets I'd use him as much as I could. Line him up at RB, put a back in the backfield and him and Sanchez both in the qb spot next to each other. Te, in the slot. He's gotta be accounted for no matter where you put him.
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