It totally blows my mind how I have gone a complete 180 from the last couple of years screaming, "Just give the ball to LJ!" to, "Oh no, don't give the ball to LJ!"

Blame the o-line all you want but I saw LJ yesterday, take a pitch to the outside and stop right in front of the linebacker, waiting for him to hit him behind the line of scrimmage. If he had run as hard and fast as he could to the outside (where the run was designed to go) he would have been one on one with the corner-- a favorable match-up. That play could have easily gone for 6 or so yards. Instead, LJ stops in the middle of the field on an outside-run and tries to take on a linebacker, letting the corner he could have had a better chance against come over and assist on the tackle.

We need to bring Priest back. He would have gotten the outside and made that corner work to push him our or get him down. It looks like LJ should have been "learning from Priest" while he was here like LJ was supposed to be doing. Instead, he used his time to whine and complain and used his mind for delusions of grandeur.

This running game needs a spark... This running game needs PRIEST!!!