I honestly don't know how anybody can blame Huard or the play-calling for the horrible performance yesterday. We opened the game passing and stuck with it pretty much all the way because we had no run game. Passing the ball is the ONLY thing we did even remotely well, yesterday. Huard and mainly Solari have deservedly taken some heat and have both been the source of some well-placed doubts. Again though, they provided the only bright spot for us yesterday at all!

The problem was not only the absolutely disgusting lack of a run game but special teams as well. Far more impactful than the missed field-goal on the first drive, was Eddie Drummond's fear of catching a punt and running with it! We started every drive with horrible field position because he let every punt go and bounce down inside the 10-yard line. Drummond's timidness on punt-returns was unacceptable from a guy we brought in to do this job, specifically.

Another huge contributing factor in our loss yesterday, was Ty Law's inability to cover on third downs. It looked like Law was playing in Greg Robinson's "read and react" style defense when we used to see the Chiefs playing off the recievers so far on third-and-long that a conversion seemed almost inevitable every time. That was the worst coverage I have seen out of any Chiefs' defender this year.

Of course, a lot of the blame for yesterday rides squarely on the shoulders of Larry Johnson and the offensive line. 10 yards rushing at home? I want my money back!