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Ok listen to me. They were a contender every frickn year, the one year he doesnt play the organization goes to absolute pieces. We have never seen a player do that with a nfl franchise. We have seen QB's retire and the team has struggled. But when was the last time the coach was fired, the gm was fired, most of their good players were released. People on this site dont give peyton manning the credit he deserves. I HATE denver let me be very clear, but anyone who brushes off denver like they are nothing and thinks we will sweep them is a fool
LETS GET ONE THING STRAIGHT. peyton manning was more to the colts than just a qb. he was their o- cordinator and qb put into one. that is why no other team has fallen so hard in nfl history by missing just one player. it is not not rocket science. the colts gave him way to much control of the offensive playcalling. along with no running game and a daggert through the hart of the season by losing manning is why the colts fell so hard.if anyone thinks he is the same player he was 2 years ago and denvers season is going to be a fairy tell ending.well the cold hard truth of them not having an actual whole team around him. is going to hit them hard