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    Default Final 2012 Mock

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    My mock 3.0

    What I'd LIKE to see:

    3. Claiborne
    4. Richardson
    5. CHIEFS-KALIL (trade #11 and 2013 first round or less)

    2nd-NT Alameda Ta'amu
    3rd-QB Brock Osweiller
    4th-NT Josh Chapman
    5th-DE Jared Crick
    6th-ILB Emanuel Acho
    7th-ILB Vontaze Burfict

    What I THINK we'll see:

    3. Kalil
    4. Richardson
    5. Claiborne
    6. Blackmon
    7. Floyd
    8. Tannehill
    9. Poe
    10. Kuechly
    11. PATRIOTS-Barron (trades both 1sts)
    12. Ingram
    13. Reiff
    14. Coples
    15. Cox
    16. Jones
    17. Brockers
    18. Kirkpatrick
    19. Hill
    20. Martin
    21. Hightower
    22. Worthy
    23. Wright
    24. CHIEFS-DeCastro
    25. Upshaw
    26. Still
    27. Zeitler
    28. CHIEFS-Weeden

    4th-RB-LaMichael James
    6th-S-Asa Jackson
    7th-ILB-Burfict ( )

    Yes, I'm predicting a fall by DeCastro. Not because of talent, but because of need by the teams between #11 and #24. There are a few teams who could use a guard in that span, but OG is further down the list of team need. The only spot I'd be the most worried about is San Diego. However, I think they'll be looking to bolster their secondary with Peyton in the division. If he gets past SD, he has a shot to make it to KC. The Chiefs primarily make the trade down because is gives them a shot to take Weeden before he runs the gauntlet of QB needy teams in the 2nd round. If DeCastro isn't there, Zietler will be the pick.

    I know most of you don't think NE will trade up, but they desperately need secondary help (as well as DL) and they were reportedly hot and heavy for Barron... the VERY NEXT DAY there was a report that the Chiefs "really liked Barron." I wouldn't be shocked if you saw the Pats, Cowboys, or some other team trade up with the Chiefs for Barron. Just call it a hunch, but I bet the Pats have the inside track on getting the pick.

    I'm usually WAY off on my mock drafts... as are most people, primarily because we don't have the insight and film these franchises have or know what their boards look like. This is best guess with a little biased hope sprinkled in. I honestly just hope we spend at least one of our top picks on the OL because I'd hate to have a hole at LT AND OG if we can't re-sign Albert and then Lilja retires after this season. We REALLY need a NT... just like every season since Pioli has been here. It'd be nice if he didn't ignore that position AGAIN.

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    Well that's the first time I've seen the Chiefs trading down and drafting Weeden in a mock. I actually really like Weeden but I'd like Keuckly or DeCastro. If weeden is there for our 2nd pick I wouldnt be against taking him.

    Also I see that paying a little extra for Kalil would probably be great for our Oline. Maybe move Albert to LG. But I dont see it happening.

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    While I'd like to see the Pats give us both 1st I think you're smoking something that you should be sharing. The only trade talk I've heard has been between the Cowboys and us and Chargers and us. All because in the past 2 days reports have surfaced that we're taking Barron ourselves.

    I think we'll see a trade with the Cowboys for something like swapping our first rounders, we get their 3rd rounder and they get our 6th. They'd be paying a bit of a premium but that's the cost of doing business. Now I'd have to say I'd be excited about seeing a Chargers/Chiefs trade. Trade first rounders, we get their 2nd and maybe one of our 7th's. With all the talk of the Cowboys wanting Barron I think the Chargers take the 50 pt hit 1250(our 1st) - 900 (their 1st) = 350 (their 2nd is 400).

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    lol... Clayton just said on ESPN that because of the new lower rookie contracts, the Patriots are looking to trade up for a player like Barron and will probably approach Pioli at #11 in KC... DAMN I'M GOOD! LOL

    San Diego and KC aren't going to make an in-division trade.

    Just heard that Jerry Jones has traded his first round pick 75% of the time... so that's a very real possibility.

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    Id be surprised if decastro dropped past San Diego AND Cincinatti. But, I wouldnt be surprised to see Cordy Glenn there who could play OG and be the backup OT. He may need to sit this year to learn the zone blocking system, but next year it would put us with a GREAT OL.

    Would love to see us trade with the Patriots. I could see them trading to get Barron OR one of the stud DL (Cox, Ingram, Brockers).

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