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I'm OK with this pick. Poe does address a need & he was far and away the most physically gifted NT prospect in this draft.

But, I'll be honest, the selection of Poe will look a whole lot better if they take Osemele or Silatolu in the 2nd round ( don't think that Glenn will be there )

And I must differ with those that say NT was the biggest team need. A more accurate statement would be "NT was the biggest need on DEFENSE". Interior O-Line is just as big a need and the fact that 2 QBs got hurt last year & the meager Offensive output is all the proof that I need of that.
This year's O-line of Albert, Asomoah, Hudson, Lilja, and Winston will be a SOLID O-line. There is an issue of depth for this season, which could be taken care of in the 3rd and 4th rounds or in FA after the draft. Serious starting issues on the OL won't arise until the Chiefs decide NOT to franchise/re-sign Albert. The 2012 OL line is in good shape for this season. The 2013 OL however, could see the loss of Branden Albert and Ryan Lilja. Before last night, the Chiefs ONLY HAD a 6th round, 2nd year pro at the NT spot to rely on.

Nose tackle was EASILY the biggest need for this team... as it has been since they switched to the 3-4 defense.

And for those of you who thought we should have taken DeCastro, last night should have proven something to you... YOU DON'T TAKE OGs EARLY IN THE FIRST ROUND. Very few OGs get taken in the first round EVER. The fact that DeCastro was taken in the first at all is an AMAZING accomplishment. OGs early in the first are wasted value picks. The Chiefs will probably have a VERY good OL fall in their lap tonight and they didn't need to spend the #11 pick on him.

The difference between the #1NT and the #2NT is MUCH greater than the difference between the #1 OG and even the #5 OG.

#1NT-#2NT>#1 OG-#5OG

There are more teams running the 3-4 defense now than not and the Chiefs landed the best NT prospect in this draft before any of the perennially great defenses like PIT, BAL, NE, etc. had a chance to.

There are going to be some GREAT OL players available for the Chiefs in round 2. However, if Lilja is coming back and they're happy with Hudson at center, don't expect the Chiefs to pull the trigger for an OL in round 2.