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Kiper and McShay scout and evaluate talent for a living and that's literally all they do all year. Also, Pioli seems to know something everyone Poe played again in college doen't. Poe was voted to the second-team all-Conference USA.
But did Kiper and McShay watch every single 2011 snap from him AND snaps from 2010 like Pioli/RAC said they did? I doubt it.

Kiper/McShay are entertainers that happen to evaluate talent. Just b/c they're on ESPN does not mean they are good at what they do. Kiper is the same guy who ranked Jimmy Clausen as the number 4 overall player in 2010!

McShay has even been accused of plagiarizing other draft analysts (source: http://walterfootball.com/mcshay.php).

If you do take Kiper's analysis seriously though, you should read this from just a week ago: 2012 NFL Draft: Mel Kiper Says Chiefs Need Dontari Poe, Amini Silatolu To Earn 'A' Grade - SB Nation Kansas City