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Thread: 2 reasons Pioli gets an A+ these past 6 months

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    Default 2 reasons Pioli gets an A+ these past 6 months

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    1. Making the HC change before the end of last season and announcing RAC as new HC shortly after the end of the season.
    2. Not screwing around with Winston and getting him signed.

    The draft remains to be seen but these 2 moves alone will make us a competitive team next year and beyond. Great job.

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    Back on topic, regarding Pioli.

    I believe that all of us will agree, that Pioli pulled off one of the sharpest deals that any Chiefs fan could ask for from a GM, when he traded down in the first round in the 2011 draft and took Baldwin and then used the extra 3rd round pick to land Justin Houston.

    Baldwin is said to be looking very good in the OTA's thus far & Houston looks like a rising star ( he was terrific in the season final against Denver ) and the other teams that passed on Houston, blew it -- especially the teams that run 3-4 defenses.
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    baldwin has been a beast so far, lookin much better than last year and houston finished strong should only get even better this year
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