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If Matt C has a tough year it will be the end of his tenure in Kansas City. In fairness, this will be the first year he has a decent O Line and tons of weapons, so I do expect him to be much improved. No QB in the league can be very successful with a porous o line and I think people will be surprised at how well Cassel does. It remains to be seen but he has to be excited about this off season.
Also, Cassel will now face two former teammates that he used to back up @ USC. He will be seeing Palmer and his new back up Matt Leinart twice this year. That has to have some incentive behind it. At least I hope it does.
I agree with you. The O line is starting to really look good. Winston was a great signing. Pioli drafted good depth. Even with Carr gone I think this defense is going to be getting better and better.