Did anyone happen to catch the end of the Jets' game?
The officials screwed them pretty good. For those who missed it, Pennington threw a pass, down by seven, to the endzone. His reciever leaped, caught the ball and was shoved out of bounds.................. incomplete pass.

The official determined that the reciever would not have come down in bounds. The play is not reviewable, so that was it, game over. Watching replay revealed that there was a very good chance, that the reciever would have come down in bounds.

Perhaps I'm mistake, but I believe the rulebook urges for an official to give the reciever the "benefit of the doubt" under those circumstances. ( actually, I have heard the rulebook quoted, last season, on this matter.)

Not that I am a jets fan, but I certainly do pull-for them this season. I love the way they handled their draft.