Will be interesting to see when the Chiefs hire a new Director of College Scouting to replace Phil Emery who left KC to be the Chicago Bears GM?

I know there has been names like Jim Nagy and Dom Green who are the Regional Scouts for KC. Another name in-house to be keep a eye on is Jay Muraco who is a Area Scout but has been with Pioli for quite a many years.

Then there is always a outside guy that could bring new fresh ideas. With that said I would expect someone that may have a prior connection or understanding of the Belichick system of scouting. So a possible Patriot staffer or maybe a Atlanta Falcon personnel guy (where we got Emery) due to the ties with Thomas Dimitroff?

Will be interesting to see who and when this new Director of College Scouting is hired. If I were to put money down on who it might be, I would go with Jim Nagy as coming from in-house.