First off I would like to say how cool Arrowhead stadium looks. I can only imagine the scent of BBQ in the air around there. I enjoy the passion the chiefs fan base have.
Ok, lets get to it. The jaguars defense is one of the most underated squads in the NFL. No one wants to play the jaguars. They are a team that most fans will pencil in a win and most coaches get worried about. They have an old school punch you in the mouth kind of attitude. They are as physical of a defense as you will get. Some will wonder why Bowe did not get more touches, well the answer is simple= Rashean Mathis our pro-bowl corner. He is a shut down, leave on an island corner. Also with all the Brodie Croyle talk keep in mind that half our defensive starters were out on that series. There was no Marcus Stroud or John Henderson ect...Also the Jags were playing a prevent defense just so the Chiefs would burn a lot of clock on the drive. Oh and speaking of Marcus Stroud, how about the chip-shop field goal when he jumped in the air and stepped on the back of the center and ran toward kicker. I was holy sh@t.
On offense we did what we have been doing. We have our 10+ minute drives and wear down the other defenses. If you look at our QB David Garrard he does not make mistakes and can throw it pretty darn well. But when you have running backs like Fred Taylor and MOJO you do not need too throw it that much anyways. The one run where Mojo took it to the house, on NFL network they said it looked like Rocky chasing the chicken in the back yard when the Chiefs were trying to tackle him.
The Chiefs will be fine, there are just a few teams in the NFL that will totally whip them and those are the Jags, Steelers, Ravens, Titan and maybe the Colts.

Best of luck,

Jaguar fan.