This is great!!! I was sent this story by someone at MTV. This show will be airing shortly. Read this story. I will attach the pictures as well.

Two of the most prolific offensive weapons in the NFL, Chad Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals and Larry Johnson of the Kansas City Chiefs, took their game to the virtual field on Xbox Live to determine who the better scorer was as part of the premier episode of "Settle the Score" on MTV. To raise the stakes, Chad and Larry wagered personal items at the start of each half. LJ put on the line his custom Reebok sneakers, an autographed Charlie Joiner jersey and his game-worn Pro-Bowl jersey; Chad fired back by wagering a pair of game-worn cleats, one of his touchdown balls, as well as an autographed Clinton Portis jersey. Chad was the better Johnson after the first half, kicking three field goals to best Larry 9-7, winning all of LJ's wagered items.

The stakes grew at the start of the second half when Larry, confident that he'd come back and beat Chad, put up his custom Chopper Motorcycle against Chad's. Using "cyber LJ," the Chiefs' Johnson ran all over the Bengals in the third quarter, scoring a 24-yard touchdown to take the lead 14-9.

With momentum on his side heading into the fourth quarter, LJ came out with an astonishing wager: if he won, Chad's famous Mohawk would be dyed Kansas City Chiefs red; if he lost, Larry would shave his hair down to a Mohawk and color it Cincinnati Bengals orange.

After accepting the bet, Chad broke the gates strong in the final frame, tossing an 80-yard touchdown to himself to take the lead 16-14. LJ fired back to make the score 21-16. Chad answered with a 12-yard touchdown run to take a 23-21 lead with 1:27 left in the game. With two timeouts and the ball at his own 20 yard line, LJ methodically drove the Chiefs down field to the Cincinnati eight yard line, setting up a game-winning field with just three seconds left on the clock.

Larry 24, Chad 23.

Honoring their wager, Chad loaded his Chopper onto a truck and said goodbye to it as it left for Kansas City. He then immediately went upstairs and dyed his golden Mohawk Kansas City Chiefs, which he'll wear throughout the week and during his game this Sunday, October 29, against the Atlanta Falcons.

For more on the battle between CJ and LJ, viewers should be on the look out for the debut of "Settle the Score" on MTV on Monday, November 13 at 8:00 p.m. EST/PST.