Pete Prisco (CBS analyst) released some interesting rankings. It ranks teams based on 4 things:

1. Franchise QB
2. Pass rusher
3. Shutdown Corner
4. Franchise left tackle

So the team with the best pass rusher (or corner or left tackle) in the league gets 32 points. For quarterback, it is the same, except QB gets double points. So Aaron Rodgers is worth 64 points.

For the Chiefs rankings at each of these positions, we have:

1. Cassel, 24
2. Albert, 10
3. Hali, 9
4. Flowers, 5

This puts the Chiefs at ninth overall (wow!).

Albert continues to get respect as one of the better (top third) left tackles in the league. Profootballfocus has also graded him out very well. What I don't get is why some (namely chief31) will continue to call for the replacement of Albert, while defending Cassel. Seems like very backwards logic.

Nice to see Flowers and Hali get some respect too, though I would argue that Hali is too low.