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They always look past the AFC Central because Pittsburg and the Ravens, but usually the other two can't add their wins together and break .500! kills me that Baltimore and Pittsburgh usually get 4 free wins each every year thanks to Cleveland and Cincinnati. When they play head to head usually the home team wins, so they can pick up 5 wins a year before leaving the division.
The Bengals went 9-7 and made the playoffs last year. They also went 10-6 and won the division two years prior to that in 2009.

Two years prior to that The Browns went 10-6 and lost a tie-breaker for the division crown. The Bengals were 7-9 that year.

And in 2006 The Bengals were a .500 team, following an 11-5 division winning 2005.

They have definitely not been powerhouses. But I think you exaggerate a bit.